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TWACKER – Twain Capability Test

Although most of the scanners in the market are TWAIN compliant, scanner model, such as ScanSnap, does not support TWAIN. To find out, we can use the tool called TWACKER developed by the TWAIN Working Group for testing data sources like scanners, cameras, etc. Please NOTE: TWACKER works only with Windows, for Mac-only devices, please […]



If you are in tech support then you’ve heard of pebkac! As a programmer, I’ve always wanted to create this message when a user does something that makes you scratch your head…                          

CrashPlan Review


CrashPlan allows for unlimited storage of one or more computers for roughly $4-5 a month, depending upon how far in advance you pay. CrashPlan allows you back up other computers or network drives, but external drives that are attached to your computer are backed up. It does not transfer data up from your computer instantly, either; transferring […]

BitTorrent Sync Review


I’ve just started using this program and so far it works well. I am trying to sync my backup files to another server. The installation was quick and non-intrusive. Even the setup was easy and quick to get started. The nice thing about this program is you can share a folder with someone and then […]

Cobian Backup Review


Cobian Backup 11 is a very nice FREE backup utility that has a large amount of customizations.  I use this utility to back up my virtual machines weekly. I also use it for other backups but that is it’s primary use. It has a full range of features. Though, it was recently sold to James Sweeney, it […]

SQL Backup Master Review


SQL Backup Master is one of the most useful backup utilities for SQL Server that I have used, and it’s FREE! I use this program in conjunction with CrashPlan. This saves me from paying those exorbitant costs that a lot of SQL Server backup utilities are charging. There are a few items that you will have to […]

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